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  Our Designer: Jean Wu

My Place My Life is the brainchild of Jean Wu. Mr. Wu is an award winning architect with twenty years of international practice. Tenure experiences with I.M. Pei in New York and John Portman in Atlanta contribute to an architectural and design career that spans large scale city planning to small everyday object design. Wu’s principle architectural projects include London Battersea Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing Yitai Center-Park Hyatt, and the South Korean Incheon 151 Twin-Tower. Numerous new CBDs designs include the Shanghai Bund and a new smart city master plan for Quiantain, south of Shanghai Expo site. Wu has authored three books, Planning Assault, Hyperspace, and Emerging Media of Digital Culture. As a multi-talented designer, Wu’s creativity includes oil painting and the digital arts. He is a member from many international organizations such as AIA, ULI…

The seed concept for My Place My Life took roots in Mr. Wu’s student experiences in Europe. For example, for city planning he focuses on the potential performance and population of a future smart city In architecture Wu enhances his design scaled to human factors, balancing our natural senses with a space.., Wu believes that design initiates and nurtures dialogues between people and living space. These dialogues are the art from which our relationships with space and others evolve.

After moving to Hong Kong few years ago, Wu presented this new line of design “dialogues” and My Place My Life was born. The concept of My Place My Life defines new relationships between modern life and the environment/space we live in. In the near chaotic modern living environment, Wu seeks to design a living environment that responds to our innately natural inner peace. With that initiative, what kind of living design can be before us?

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