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   The LIVING Collection



   Our Story

The Art collection represents our design connection with Chinese history. The Living collection connects nature with modern living. For example, in pre-modern China, elite landscape painters used imagery not to mirror the world around them, but to evoke unfathomable experiences. This approach stems from painters’ deeply held belief in a continuum of existence, in an art that is not distinct from reality. This is our starting point, connecting current Chinese lifestyles back to their cultural roots through “the art of seeing”.

In the fourth century B.C.E., Chinese thinker Zhuanghi considered how to "feed life," or nourish it. This is the point of departure for the Chinese tradition. As Life passes through each of us, we feel we have a duty to become amenable to its ebbs and flows. We must cultivate a sense of being adequate to it so that we can live with it. Exploring notions of breath, energy, and flow, we reopen vibrant spaces of intellectual exchange between people and love, between people and nature, and between people and people.

We relook at few traditional materials like bamboo, ceramics and fabric and bring them into our Living collection. For example, the Bamboo Fruit Bowl design using the flexibility of bamboo to the finest detail, the Cloud Mirror with an angel for two sides viewing, and other playful design with inspirations from nature. We also create opportunities for our clients to use our existing furniture design or work with us to define personalized custom design furniture through our fabric collections from local artist or those from around the world.

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