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  Our Quality Services

Beside handmade solid wood furniture collections, our lifestyle design platform promotes quality of deign from artists and traditional craftsmanship through out the world. This platform provides quality design services to our customers, and also creates a new distribution channel for our customers to access quality merchandise and materials around the world. Our services would provide professional design services with the best available manufacturing resources with capabilities of premier materials such as bamboo, rattan, wool, silk, cotton, ceramic… to achieve your design objectives. This is our philosophy for a sustainable living that is the art of living.

Our philosophy in the creation of our exclusive collections could be summed up by quoting Francois-Henri Pinault: “Luxury is the meeting between a vision of the future which surprises and a comprehension of the past which reassures”. This is how we have created and conceived our collections of unique pieces. The design will surprise and you will be delighted with the highest quality.

  Our Network is Your Network

Great quality textiles, hand-knotted by the best producers in the world. Great design, since every single piece is designed by famous Architects and Designers who distinguish the collection and make it recognisable and prestigious.

Innovation: we have combined the traditions from the best manufacturing to projects not only of design but also artistic and avant-garde, which encouraged us to experiment in order to give a new meaning to the piece itself.

A unique service: each piece, in fact, is produced based on your personalisation. No stock of furniture with standard sizes but unique textiles which are produced to completely satisfy the Client’s requirements. Every product is made to order and, of course, custom-made.

Craftsmanship: we have selected from the best producers around the world, verifying materials, techniques, expert craftsmen and ethical production. Each piece of furniture from us will be a unique piece, entirely made with certified wood and the best hand made fabric of your choice.

  Our Network of Artists

Below are few examples of artists currently in the process of joining our network. All materials and design in our network which can be used on your selected furniture.

Fabric Artist from America

A Seattle native had a revolutionary way with color, pattern, and texture, which made his fabrics a favorite with everyone from Frank Lloyd Wright to Marilyn Monroe. Now 85, he has devoted the last 27 years to the creation of his LongHouse Reserve, a Japanese-inspired home and 16-acre sculpture garden in East Hampton, New York. “Whether I’m weaving or weeding,” he says, “keeping my hands busy makes my mind work better.”

Luxury Linens from Italy

The four-generations-old Italian linens firm is a star-studded one, a glittering crowd slept on the famously luxe sheets—among them Andy Warhol and Elizabeth Taylor, whose violet eyes inspired a set of vividly hued bedding. The company still sets the mark for luxury, with its high-end linens and a cashmere collection launching next month—all made by artisans at the family’s factory in Tuscany. For Example, the 2.0 sheets feature handcrafted details, including appliquéd stripes and graphic embroidery. And the materials are top-notch: Along with Egyptian cottons, there’s also a low-maintenance Italian linen. It’s the most refined fabric, but you can wash, dry, and throw it back on the bed.

owner historical mansion in Tuscany

Collector's Favorite Bamboo Art: Tracing the legend of Craftsmanship from Japan

The making of bamboo baskets for sale by travelling peddlers during the Muromachi period (1392-1573), marked the beginnings of this craft. During the Edo period (1600-1868), the hot-springs of this town became well-known throughout the country and bamboo goods used in the preparation to meet the demand from visitors who often stayed some time at the springs either to relax or to benefit from the healing effects of the spring water.

In 2008, sales of bamboo handicrafts made in this city prefecture totaled over 600 million yen. Traditional bamboo vases, contemporary sculptures and other works by some of Beppu’s best-known craftsmen have become highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

Porcelain Legend from Germany

This art house has been handcrafting finest porcelain for 260 years. Porcelain services, figures and objects of the greatest quality and purity have been produced at just this one location in the world since the 18th century.

Porcelain was a highly desirable commodity during the baroque period. At the time, porcelain only came from China and so, during the 18th century, attempts were undertaken in Europe to produce the "white gold". The fragile and gentle character of porcelain did not only meet the aesthetic of the time – it also reflected the preference for everything gallant and playful. That remains the case to this day as experts and collectors of porcelain from this art house see its quality and refinement as unique.

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