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  What Do We Believe

The core design philosophy of MyplaceMylife, our new international lifestyle brand is to create an inner peace relationship between user and the space around them. It is inspired by Chinese heritage of ¡°propensity¡± from French philosopher Francois Jullien studied in his major book ¡°The Propensity of Things¡±: Chinese thought, having a greater sense of the fluidity of life, provides more flexible ways of understanding everyday transformations. This thinking offers insightful perspective which allows considerations our relation to history, nature, people, and environment around us. These relationships form the foundation of our design to create new dialogues between our modern lifestyle and our heritage. Our first three main collections are the art form of these dialogues.
  Our Designer

My Place My Life is the brainchild of Jean Wu. Mr. Wu is an award winning architect with twenty years of international practice. Tenure experiences with I.M. Pei in New York and John Portman in Atlanta contribute to an architectural and design career that spans large scale city planning to small everyday object design. Wu¡¯s principle architectural projects include London Battersea Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing Yitai Center, and the South Korean Incheon 151 Twin-Tower. Numerous new CBDs designs include the Shanghai Bund and a new smart city master plan for Quiantain, south of Shanghai Expo site. Wu has authored three books, Planning Assault, Hyperspace, and Emerging Media of Digital Culture. As a multi-talented designer, ... more >>
  New Exhibitions

Atlanta:   coming soon  
New York:   coming soon  
Shanghai:   design of designers
The 19th China International Furniture Expo
September 11-15, 2013
  Our Collection: The Art



Our collections include one integrated relationships with art, living, and people. THE ART COLLECTION focuses upon Chinese culture heritage in a Chinese modern living.   
  Our Collection: The Living



THE LIVING COLLECTION transforms our modern lifestyle through our artistry of spatial design concept by creating new relationships with three themes: love, nature, and people.   
  Our Collection: The People



THE PEOPLE COLLECTION is a design platform for collaborating with artists and talented craftsmen around the world to bring their works into our creative process.   
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