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The ART Collection


Our Story For the Art collection, we created an original perspective of Chinese social life, we call Propensity, Communication, and Connectivity are touchstones to exploration Chinese culture, and the uncovering of the intricate and coherent structures underlying Chinese modes of thinking and then linking them to environmental settings. For example, the Propensity Collection presents hierarchies of social activity in furniture design. Each seat of a set of furniture expresses and represents its own position and setting for different person’s social status. Other design details include arms and seats with “round” corner sides for human body, and a “propensity” side for defining a person’s position within an environment differentiating detail design from seat to seat. The Propensity Collection reflects the relationship of Chinese culture in a formal social context. Each person in a space/social activity positions his own propensity.

The Communication and Connectivity collections have a similar approach for the design of an event space by creating specific dialogues/designs between people and space and not the other way around. The Communication Collection is designed for daily social activity; all the guests have more equally balanced positions. Here, we introduces the seat platform design, and its flexible functions. The Connectivity Collection is for more intimate activities where stories may be more important than real activities. In this more fluid concept, design languages and curvilinear lines are incorporated.

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